Stone Cleaner and Under Sink Accessories

HighMark Kitchen & Stone offers a few extra items to maintain the beauty, add functionality and peace of mind to your stone countertops and cabinets in areas where water is present such as kitchens, bar areas or bath.

Stone Cleaner -

HighMark carries a recommended stone cleaner to properly clean your natural granite countertops or quartz countertops as it removes buildup and keeps your granite looking beautiful and new. HighMark also carries under-sink filtration systems, insta-hot under-sink mounted water heaters, and safety valve leak detectors.

Under- Sink Filtration System -

Waterstone offers several options for under-sink filtration systems. Enjoy pure, clean, odor free drinking water straight from your tap with Waterstone's multi-stage filtration system.

Safety Valve Leak Detection Units -

Kitchen flooding often happens without warning and can cause substantial flooding and property damage if nobody is around to stop it. To reduce the risk of coming home to a flood, add   Waterstone's Safety Valve Leak Detection Unit. Waterstone's Safety Valve Leak Detection Units are ideal for minimizing water damage when these disasters occur. Their Leak Detector automatically shuts off the water source when it detects moisture. Once the valve shuts off, the unit sounds off with an audible alarm, like a smoke detector, to let you know of a problem. The unit doubles as a standard shut-off for water filter cartridge replacement and is easy to install.

When used with any of the Waterstone filtration faucets, the Safety Valve Leak Detection can give you reassurance and save yourself thousands of dollars in flooding repair.

Insta-Hot Water Systems -

Waterstone also offers an insta-hot water system so that you can get steaming hot water instantly from your tap. All together these products give you great-tasting drinking water and security against leaks all in one simple package.


Showroom & Slab Yard
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HMKS Slab Yard has a large inventory of remnants and slabs available for viewing such as granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone for your countertops.  Samples are available for your natural stone countertops and/or cabinet lines, mosaics, flooring, cabinet hardware, appliance pulls.

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