Understand Stone Countertop Finishes;
Leathered, Brushed, Flamed, Honed, Polished before you choose.

Antique  also known as Leathered Finish - A finish that replicates rustic or distressed textures. Produced through mechanical or chemical means to simulate the naturally occurring effects of the aging process.

Brushed also known as Caressed Finish - A subtly textured surface finish achieved by wet brushing a stone with a coarse rotary-type abrasive brush.

Flamed also known as Thermal or Brushed Hammered Finish - A textured surface treatment applied by brief exposure to intense heat.

Honed also known as a matte Finish - A satin-smooth surface finish with little or no gloss.

Polished Finish - A glossy, highly reflective surface finish that brings out the full color and character of the stone.


Showroom & Slab Yard
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HMKS Slab Yard has a large inventory of remnants and slabs available for viewing such as granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone for your countertops.  Samples are available for your natural stone countertops and/or cabinet lines, mosaics, flooring, cabinet hardware, appliance pulls.

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